Gap in the Market

After extensive research we identified the gap in the market for high quality small batch beers, based on traditional recipes and using modern techniques.  In 2010, after much practical research on the subject of beer, we decided to look into setting up a brewery. We decided on Longford where there has not been a brewery for over 100 years  since O’Hare’s Brewery existed on Water St…  and obviously because that is where we hail from and there wouldn’t be any commute.

Beer Market

Having studied the beer market for years, Liam developed beers that were appealing to both the craft beer enthusiast and the wider general public. Bringing together the best elements of both craft and macro beer, we strove to bring to the Irish market a range of beers that are accessible, flavoursome, easy to drink and easy on the drinker the morning after.


Liam took inspiration from the Lagers of Germany known for their crisp purity, Ales from the USA known for their clever use of hops and Stouts and Dark beers from Ireland and the UK known for their emphasis on rich malty flavours.  The brewing methods we use allow time for the natural fermentation process to occur without having to introduce harsh chemicals to alter the ingredients to suit the process. This is the benefit of small batch brewing.


By utilising this process, improving on recipes and using only recently available high-quality ingredients from Ireland and around the world St Mel’s Brewing Company is in the vanguard of a movement to maintain and develop Ireland’s already excellent brewing tradition.

The initial recipes were developed between 2010 and 2013 on a small test kit that we built. This produced the 4 flagship beers in the core range including Ireland’s first commercial Brown Ale.


The beers proved to be a great hit with the locals and nationwide, even exporting as far afield as Colorado in the U.S. St Mel’s Brewing was part of an explosion in small independent brewing in Ireland.


Our story is all about local product, independence, experience, the recipes & our production methods . Whilst we are proud of our local Longford heritage, we want to influence drinkers nationwide and in time, internationally.

It is our mission to create and produce beers our customers can trust in both taste and in quantity.  We intend to knock the perception on the head that the craft beer is too strong or will lead to a vicious hangover.