May 17, 2021

In the spirit of festivals past and to come! Supporting local indigenous small brewing companies.

St Mel’s Brewery based in Co Longford are thrilled to be participating in Indie Beer Week

What: A celebration of genuine Irish Craft Beer from your local indie (independent) microbreweries. You order your selection of craft beers from a choice of 3 packs and then taste along with the brewers at dedicated online sessions. 

When: Online Beer tastings to guide you through a special selection of Irish Beers on Thursday 20th – Saturday 22nd May. 

We’ll also be asking the Irish public to celebrate along with us in different ways using #indiebeerweek from here on in and throughout the week of 17th – 23rd May!

Where: Get your Beer pack online from Beer Cloud and taste along in the company of the fantastic participating breweries, facilitated by Craic Beer Community. Be sure to order in advance as numbers are limited. Packs will be dispatched from 17th May. For those who want to really embrace the event, you can get a special price for all 3 events.

Why: This is the 4th Indie Beer Week, an event created to promote and celebrate small Irish businesses in the business of brewing! In the past it was a chance to visit your local brewery for community-based events. This time, it’s an opportunity to virtually bring together the community of independent Irish craft breweries with the people of Ireland. 

St Mel’s along with other Irish microbreweries are showcasing the huge variety of craft beers available with styles encompassing lagers, wheat beers, sours, all types of ales and stouts. Hues from pale to red to darkest chocolate, aromas and flavours from tart and refreshing to hoppy, malty, coffee and toffee. From light bodied to full bodied and lots in between. There really is a type of craft beer to suit all palates.

Who: Indie Beer Week is a collaborative event organised by the Association of independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI) in conjunction with Beer Cloud and Craic Beer Community.

Indie Beer Week


St Mel’s along with a host of Ireland’s other craft brewers are having a week long celebration of beers from genuine independent breweries. They are asking the Irish public to Show Irish independent breweries some love, and meet the people behind their favourite brew, or if they haven’t yet got one, to take the time to really explore craft beer and learn about the styles and find a beer they love!

Independent microbreweries are also asking the public to learn what a true craft beer is and to take the time to understand if the “craft” beer they buy is brewed by an independent company or a company that has adopted the term “craft beer.”

This is the spirit of a festival past and yet to be had (post covid crisis), that showcases what the independent craft beer business is all about in Ireland – looking out for each other and supporting indigenous enterprise, talent and ingenuity and reaching out and connecting with their customer base as well as educating and welcoming newcomers.

Indie Beer Week 2021 runs from 17th – 23rd May and it’s the perfect time to explore Irish beer from small companies owned by and employing local people. It’s also the perfect time for craft beer lovers to get access to some new and exciting releases from some of Ireland’s best microbreweries. For those who’ve often bemoaned that they “don’t like craft beer” it’s a chance to taste through the styles and find the one that suits!

Ireland has a vibrant and exciting independent brewing scene, with interest from the public growing exponentially, year after year. Indie Beer Week capitalises on that interest, providing the opportunity to meet the people behind the beer, putting a face to the name of some of Ireland’s most interesting and innovative independent brews. 

St Mel’s are proud to put their home county on the map as local producers of high-quality, all-natural beers that are chemical and additive free. Only the finest ingredients are selected and where possible, from local suppliers with over 80% of the grain we use being Irish grown and malted. we pride ourselves on only using other local companies where possible and we only use imported ingredients when they are not available or produced in Ireland.

The beer we will be contributing towards the event is Ah Sure Lookit Bock Lager.  A rich malty flavour lager and we will be participating with the event on the Friday 21st May.

Ah Sure Look It

Beer Packs available to buy directly from 

How does it work in short? 

Grab the beer pack through Beercloud, then join online for a live beer tasting with our fantastic guests!

The events are run entirely through Zoom from 8pm on each night, with Brewery guests joining at allocated times throughout the event for a live chat and beer tasting. Registration links will be emailed to each participant in advance of the event.
There are a limited number of beer packs available, so order them while you can!