Father’s Day Box


Say Happy Father’s Day with our Brilliant beers and selected snacks

Contains the famous Spice Bag Saison and our brand new Double Neo Zappa Neomexicanus IPA


Say Happy Father’s Day to the auld fella with our brilliant beers and some brilliant snacks!

Box contains

1 x 750ml Spice Bag Saison 7% abv

3 x 440ml Double Neo Zappa Neomexicanus IPA 6.5% abv

3 x 440ml Ah Sure Lookit Bock Lager 5.6% abv

3 x 440ml My Twist DDH IPA 5.2% abv

3 x I Will Yeah Hazy Juicy Pale Ale 4.0% abv

1 x Blanco Nino Tortilla Chips

1 x Scratch My Pork Irish Pork Scratchings