The Couch Olympian Box


The Couch Olympian Box – the perfect accompaniment for all your sports watching needs over the coming weeks.


The Couch Olympian Box

1 x Slow Burner Barrel Aged Stout 9% abv 750ml bottle

1 x Spice Bag Saison 7% abv 750ml bottle

3 x Go On So Thirst Quenching Light Lager 4% abv 440ml can

3 x I Will Yeah Juicy Pale Ale 4% abv 440ml can

3 x My Twist DDH IPA 5.2% abv 440ml can

3 x Ah Sure Lookit Bock Lager 5.6% abv 440ml can

1 x Biltong Chief Traditional South African Style Biltong 100g Pack

1 x Jo’s Chia Energy Balls 50g pack