Bespoke Development

At St Mel’s Brewing Co., we pride ourselves on working with some of the top names in the Hospitality industry locally and around the country. We offer a bespoke own-label beer development, production, packaging and maintenance service that allows our trade partners to maximise their beverage sales revenues without compromising on quality, while also adding to the prestige of their brand.

Locally Produced

The past few years have seen an explosion in alternative beer styles and availability throughout Ireland in shops, off licences, pubs and restaurants. Staff now are as likely to be asked for a local IPA as they are for a mass-produced Dutch Lager. Ales including “craft” beers, now account for over 6% of total beer sales in Ireland, a sector of the beer market that barely existed a few years ago and has shown little sign of slowing down. Aside from the locals, international visitors are driving demand for local Irish produce during their stay, wishing to experience the fabled Irish pub and hospitality with a pint of genuine Irish beer to add to their experience.


St Mel’s Brewing offers small-batch, high-quality beers, developed and packed to suit all requirements without any large commitment to volume or high upfront costs. We take the long term view when it comes to producing our trade partner’s products taking into account the seasonal ups and downs of the hospitality trade and unexpected events like volcanoes or pandemics or not making the world cup (again).

Please drop us a line to discuss your business’s beer needs.

We want to be sure that when the good times do roll again, which they always do, that your business in partnership with our brewery is best placed to make the most of it and to offer the best to yours and our valued customers.

 your own beer 

For a bit more detail on how it all works, please view our FIRE Steakhouse case study showing how the now-famous FIRE 1864 Lager came to be and the benefits now enjoyed by restaurants and their customers.

Watch the FIRE 1864 story Download the Case Study

In an industry where every product you sell reflects your brand why not enquire and let us ensure your beer offering underlines the quality of everything else you do.

Please contact the St.Mel’s team to discuss further.